Marketing Qualified Leads

Content Syndication & Multi-touch Programs to Profiling leads with Marketing Intelligence

Sales Qualified Leads

Intent 2 Purchase & CCL leads to HQLs & BANT identifcation programs using sales intelligence

Account Based Marketing

Everything Account Based – From Content Marketing to Marketing & Sales Qualified Leads

Customized Programs

Email Marketing, Surveys & Waterfall Programs to Intent/Install base/Lookalike Targeting

Turnkey Content Marketing & Full Funnel B2B Lead Generation Solutions  Wrapped around a quality first model!

We offer wide range of B2B marketing solutions which address your demand generation requirements at every stage of the sales funnel and help you identify, activate, engage and close more business opportunities. We deliver qualified and actionable leads at the buying stage you want, through the channel you wish and in the time frame you require them. Our solutions are flexible, scalable, quality complaint and we leverage intelligent industry focused home-grown technology, data science expertise, industry leading talent and smarter content marketing strategies to deliver innovative and impactful marketing campaigns, which deliver good ROI on your marketing spend


Over the last few years we have emerged as a reliable, professional and go to partner to execute global content syndication, digital marketing, lead generation & account based marketing campaigns. We have built trusted relationships with some of the leading technology companies, media agencies, publishers, advertisers, lead aggregators and marketing clients.


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Why is Acceligize a Preferred B2B Marketing partner?

Unparalleled Cost, Quality & Targeting Advantage

Best in class database with advanced targeting capabilities using traditional filters, intent data, install base, look-alike and account based

Multichannel marketing strategies with 100% content engagement & viewership guaranteed along with seamless delivery of content across all platforms

Triple check quality assurance & data verification process, ensuring 100% lead accuracy levels guaranteed

Global geographical coverage with local language capabilities and compliant with GDPR, CASL, CCPA and related laws

Thoughtfully designed efficient and sustainable marketing operations & campaign delivery model, ensuring 100% reliability

High Volume lead generation capacity across all industries with same quality standards for scalable & repeatable programs

Since 2015 we have represented more than 250 technology brands,
here are few notable companies who have benefited through our services

"Our programs have always been delivered on time with 100% budget fulfillment, I’d highly recommend Acceligize as a reliable & professional B2B lead generation partner”

Media Supervisor at a Digital Media Agency- California, USA

“At the start, I didn’t know if Acceligize was capable of delivering such large volumes of leads. They’ve been proving their capabilities every month and have always met our expectations by delivering good quality leads in our system with a quick turnaround time. We look forward to continue this mutually beneficial partnership”

Director Lead Generation & Media, at a Publishing Company- London, UK

“We use Acceligize to fill almost 50 to 60% of our campaigns, their ability to deliver leads on various types of campaigns is commendable. They are easy to work with and consistent in delivering volume & good quality leads”

Partner Programs Manager, at a Marketing Company- New York, USA

“We are very pleased with the success we have seen on our digital marketing campaigns while working with Acceligize, which has led to an increase in client’s campaign renewal rate. We are happy to work with Acceligize and would definitely recommend them as a trusted partner"

Account Director, at an Advertising Agency- Sydney, Australia

The B2B Lead Generation Vendor Checklist

This 7 minutes read, will raise questions, unfold facts and walk you through key points which a lead buyer should consider before evaluating a lead generation vendor
  • How to select the correct lead generation partner?
  • What questions to ask?
  • How can I get high quality leads?

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