Global buyers and decision makers rely on information and researched content when it comes making key decisions and evaluating a solution or service; and in the current competitive market you need to be first with your message to engage your audience. Having a constant and steady stream of content qualified leads at the Top of the Funnel has been a challenge for many marketers

Put Acceligize at work, to promote your content and digital assets such as Whitepapers, Infographics, Webinars, Case Studies, eBooks, Buyer guides, videos and related content. We leverage performance based multi-channel techniques to ensure your content reaches and engages the right target audience, who have agreed to downloaded your digital content & have shown interest

It’s very important to have strong and good quality prospects in pipeline and have them at the start of their journey in your marketing sales funnel. Guiding buyers through their research content consumption process would help advertisers achieve this

Acceligize runs content driven multi-touch campaigns using your multiple content pieces and our multi-channel tactics, where prospects download and engage with your content or digital assets more than once in a specific period of time, two-touch, three touch. These leads are qualified based on action & engagement and can run using multiple strategies such digital outreach and call cadence

Getting key information on accounts & prospects is very valuable, so that you can align your prospects with interest and intent while your nurturing leads. Profiled leads with marketing intelligence and actionable insights can help you to customize your approach with precision. These leads work as confidence boosters for your sales & marketing reps at the middle of the funnel

Acceligize leverages a unique outreach model that allows you to gather your desired information and Marketing Intelligence so that you can get in-front of an engaged & profiled audience that has expressed pain points and answered your questions. You can quickly leap forward and gain a competitive with Acceligize’s performance based profiling & intelligence gathering services, which will work as a backbone for your middle of the funnel

Hosting Webinars & Events has now become a key method to interact and engage your audience, either live or on-demand webinars or digital or onsite events. But these activities happen at a cost where it requires a strong commitment of resources & budgets

Acceligize uses a variety of outreach & qualification methods to put your upcoming events & webinars in front of a receptive & engaged audience, who are genuinely interested to register, attend and receive information. Our audience recruitment & engagement programs ensure guaranteed results, so that you can host your next event or webinar like a boss

Think of us as an extension of your team.

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